material foroating wood deck for waterproofing before tile

How to Waterproof Your Tile Deck | AVM 700 System | Tile Underlay

Tile deck grout seeps water, like any other concrete based material. So, while you are enjoying the look and feel of your tile, underneath there could be pooling water. Pooling water = bad. After a while, it causes dry rot in the wood sub-floor or structural beams. worse yet, oftentimes a deck repair under tile does not allow for tile salvaging .

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How to Create a Waterproof Area Under an Elevated Wood Deck

So for resurfacing an existing deck, simply place rubber support pads under the pavers, the same as used with structural wood tiles. No adhesive or grout is required. The gaps between pavers are left open, so surface water drains away quickly. A few other benefits to keep in mind.

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Waterproofing Tile, keeping your Rooftop Decks water-tight .

When deciding what material to use to finish your rooftop deck, keep a few things in mind. Your waterproofing membrane and the system will function underneath the finish layer. When finishing a roof-deck with tile, waterproofing tile is an additional concern. Waterproofing Tile: Tile surfaces are porous.

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