does laminate flooring need moisture barrier

What is a Moisture Barrier and When is it Needed for Flooring?

For any flooring that requires a floating installation method, be laminate or vinyl planks, use a 6 mils (or thicker) plastic sheet as a moisture barrier. You can also use an underlayment with a moisture barrier built-in for water vapor control. How long does a flooring vapor barrier last?

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Why Do You Need a Moisture Barrier Under Laminate Flooring .

In order to properly install laminate on concrete, a moisture barrier should be used underneath. Many people wonder why they have to install a moisture barrier under the laminate and if it's really necessary. Here are the basics of why you need a moisture barrier under your laminate floors.

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Do you need underlayment for laminate flooring? - MP Global .

If your installing laminate flooring aka floating floor can be at risk of absorbing moisture from your cement subfloor. Installing an underlayment with a vapor barrier or 6-mil vapor barrier in addition to underlayment will stop all moisture from getting to your floor.

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How to Lay a Moisture Barrier under Laminate Flooring .

Meanwhile, laminate flooring manufacturers have moisture barriers particularly designed to be used with their own products. The main objective of the moisture barrier paint is to hold moisture from reaching the material of the laminate flooring coming from the subfloor below.

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When Will I Need To Use A Moisture . - Laminate Flooring

No matter which underlayment you choose, if you are installing on a moisture prone subfloor or concrete subfloor, you really need a moisture barrier underlayment. Protect your laminate flooring from moisture for years to come by installing moisture barrier underlayment.

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Vapor Barrier Under Laminate Floor | Laminate and Floating .

When a laminate floor is installed over a concrete subfloor a moisture barrier must be used. Most every laminate manufacturer will require a vapor barrier under laminate flooring. Not sure, check the manufacturers installation guide for the flooring that you are installing.

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