wood composite lines in fingernails

RAPTOR® Nails and Staples | Composite Plastic Nails .

RAPTOR® Nails and staples are a composite blend of and fiberglass. They are suitable for any application where metal fasteners cannot be used.

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RAPTOR® | Composite Plastic Nails, Staples .

One of the big advantages of Composite Nails is being able to just sand off the nibs left when installing nails in the plywood. The composite nails seem to heat up when installed and helps bind the wood together. There is obviously no rust from screws or nails since using the composite nails. I highly recommend the tool and nails

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RAPTOR® Composite Nails | Plastic Nails

Engineered Composite Common Nails RAPTOR® offers a range of completely non-metal composite nails including: bulk/coil nails, finish nails, brads and pins. Our nails provide an excellent solution for all industries that require blade and abrasive-friendly, non-rusting, metal-free fasteners.

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RAPTOR® Product Catalog | Composite Plastic Nails .

Composite Plastic Nails & Plastic Staples. The full line of RAPTOR ® composite products, sometimes referred to as nylon nails, nylon staples, or nylon fasteners, is listed here. It spans from the tiniest pins for very delicate work to medium-sized nails for joining larger substrates to staples of all sizes for holding thin materials or .

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Senco Introduces Composite Tool And Fastener Line | Nail Gun .

A completely new concept for a brand recognized for its steel nails and staples, Senco composite fasteners are 100 percent metal-free, formed from a blend of resin and fiberglass. And, while these collated plastic fasteners may sound secondary compared to their steel and metal counterparts, the reality is quite opposite.

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RAPTOR® Nailers

The OMER® Pneumatic Nailers have been designed and manufactured to strict specifications to exclusively drive RAPTOR® composite finish nails, brads and pins. The OMER ® -RAPTOR ® fastening system provides optimal performance. The OMER ® magnesium tool body provides superior power with an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.

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Raptor Plastic Nails for Wood Fastening Applications

RAPTOR® Composite Plastic Nails, Plastic Brads and Omer Pneumatic Nail Guns. Woodworkers, boat builders, cabinet shops, casket manufacturers, and just about anyone who works with wood will appreciate the convenience and time saving benefits of using Raptor® Plastic Nails, Brads, Headless Pins and Pneumatic Nailing Guns.

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