how to remove plastic tile flooring options

How to remove vinyl sticky tiles - YouTube

In this video I show you the right and wrong way to remove vinyl sticky tile from your floor 3 different ways. The difficult way, the wrong was and the easy .

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How to Remove Tile Flooring | how-tos | DIY

Remove the Tile Break up the first tile with the blunt edge of a hammer (image 1), and then use a chisel to pry up the remainder of the first tile. Once this first tile is removed, place the chisel against the bottom edge of adjacent tiles, apply pressure with your hammer and the tiles should pop up easily (image 2). Step

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How to Remove Old Tile Flooring - dummies

Break up the first tile with a hammer. Hit the tile in the center with a hammer. The edges of broken tile can be very sharp, so work carefully and cover surfaces with a drop sheet for protection. Use the chisel to chip out the rest of the tile.Place the cold chisel in the grout line at the edge of the tile and start chipping it out.

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How to Remove Tile Floor: Tools and Steps - This Old House

To remove tile yourself, put on some safety glasses and leather work gloves; broken shards of tile can slice skin like a knife. Then, grab a cold chisel and a three-pound sledge. There’s nothing subtle about breaking through tile. Just pick a few in the middle of the floor and whack away until you can see what’s underneath.

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How to Remove Plastic Tile, Glue & Grout | Home Guides | SF Gate

Press the tip of the scraper at a joint in the tiles. Seven Trustr the handle of the scraper to a 45-degree angle and push down to drive the scraper's blade below the tiles. Push the scraper forward with.

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How to Remove Plastic Tile Flooring | Home Guides | SF Gate

Apply a generous amount of an adhesive remover over any areas with leftover tile adhesive. Scrub the area with a stiff-bristled brush to work the remover into the adhesive. Mix a small amount of.

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How to Remove Floor Tile: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Use a grout saw to cut all the grout loose around the perimeter of the tile you wish to remove. A Dremel or equivalent multi-tool with the grout removing attachment is easiest to use. Use a hammer and chisel to break the tile from the center and work toward the edges.

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