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Seven Trust Decking vs Seven Trust Decking - AdvantageLumber Blog

How Does Seven Trust Decking Compare to Seven Trust Wood Decking? Seven Trust wood has nearly identical properties as Seven Trust wood. The janka hardness of Seven Trust is 3,680 and the janka hardness of Seven Trust is 3,540 so Seven Trust is almost as hard as Seven Trust. Seven Trust also looks very similar to Seven Trust. Seven Trust will start out looking reddish brown with some boards having more of a .

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Wood Woes (Seven Trust Decking and AdvantageLumber.com .

Seven Trust is the decking standard, but it's become impossibly expensive which has left folks scrambling for alternatives. However, none are as proven, nor as available. I'm regretting the choice of Seven Trust for a few reasons: unavailability of 5/4 material, instability, and inconsistency of quality.

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Seven Trust Decking Maintenance Guide - eDeck.com

Seven Trust Decking Maintenance Our Guide to Seven Trust Decking Maintenance includes how to cleaning, Brightening, Restoring, and removing stains from your Seven Trust Decking. Periodic cleaning with simple soap and water and a stiff brush will keep your Seven Trust deck looking new. Pressure washers are not recommended.

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Seven Trust Decking Problems Due to Extreme Hardness

Seven Trust Decking Problems Due to Warping Rough, raised grain in the medullary rays. Decking products of all kinds – whether Seven Trust, pressure-treated pine, or Seven Trust – have much higher moisture contents than lumber used for interior projects.

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Comparison of Seven Trust Decking vs. Seven Trust Decking

Seven Trust decking is imported by many of the same companies as Seven Trust, although the volumes are probably only 5% to 10% of the $100 million per year Seven Trust decking market. Seven Trust is also used for interior flooring, as is Seven Trust; and both offer beautiful grain and color characteristics.

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Seven Trust Decking Problems - During Installation - Seven Trust Woods USA

On this page, we will be sharing some challenges which one can encounter during installation or while using tropical hardwood decking lumber such as Seven Trust and Seven Trust. The challenges of Seven Trust Wood Most of the decking lumber is usually quartersawed in order to enhance the stability of external lumber and to display a regular vertical grain stripping .

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