how long does a vinyl fence last

Ultimate Durability: How Long Does a Vinyl Fence Last?

Because of all these factors listed above, a vinyl fence will last for about 20-30 years without much trouble. And because of their longevity and durability, our vinyl fences come with a limited lifetime warranty. Even when you install your vinyl fence in an area with high traffic, it’ll hold its durability and longevity.

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How Many Years Does a Vinyl Fence Last? Aluminum Fences Direct

In fact, a vinyl fence can last for twenty to thirty years with ease. Most manufacturers do provide lifetime warranties on vinyl fences for this very reason. Even if the fence has been installed in a high-traffic area, it will remain standing year after year. Be that as it may, this longevity is only possible if you take proper care of them.

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How Long Will a Vinyl Fence Last? - Fence Supply Online

Of course, there are a few words of caution that need to be said. While vinyl is very strong and durable, and a vinyl privacy fence can last for a lifetime, you need to be smart when shopping around. Not all fences are created equal, so it’s important to buy from a reputable manufacturer.

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How Long Vinyl PVC Fences Last

While your neighbor’s wood fence needs constant repainting and post replacements after just a few years, your vinyl fence will just keep looking its best with little or no maintenance. Bufftech stands behind its quality, and you can count on the savings of owning a lifetime fence that will prove its value, year after year.

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How Long Does a Fence Last? | Vinyl, Aluminum & Wood Fence .

The average vinyl fence lifespan for a privacy fence is about 50 years. To make it even better, vinyl fences installed by Smucker Fencing come standard with a limited lifetime warranty. Of course, regular cleaning and gentle usage will help it look great the entire time, too!

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How Long Does A Vinyl Fence Last? - Wesco Vinyl Fence

While a wooden fence may last 10 and 15 years, vinyl fencing can last up to 20 or 30 years if properly cared for. Vinyl fencing guarantees a lifetime warranty, ensuring that it is made to last long. Vinyl fencing is a perfect choice for your home or any place you’ll stay in for an extended period of time.

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