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What Is Acoustical Steel Deck? | O'Donnell Metal Deck

How Acoustical Steel Deck Works: The flutes of the deck are then filled with a sound absorbing material. When sound in the room travels to the decking, The insulation reduces the sound in a room by dampening the reverberation off of the decking.

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Technical Bulletin T-67 - Comparing Noise Reduction .

CELLULAR DECKS ACOUSTICAL DATA A second type of metal deck is the cellular deck. The cellular deck has a flat perforated surface. The typical thickness ranges from 1 1/2" to 3" with 5.712/cell to 17.82"2/cell. The acoustical data for the cellular deck gives you insight into the effectiveness of the B and N systems. The cellular type deck

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Acoustical Ceiling Design & Application

acoustical panel and tile products,see Chapter 13,Safety Consid erations, Material Handling. Suspended Acoustical Ceiling Products Key components for suspended acoustical ceilings are suspension grid and acoustical panels. Composition of each can vary depending on the end-use application.Acoustical tile (305 x 305 mm (12 x 12 )) is also

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Acoustical Metal Deck. Acoustic Roof Deck At Metaldeck.com

HSB-36 AC/PLB-36 AC, N-24 AC/PLN-24 AC, HSN3 AC/PLN3 roof decks are available as acoustical deck. Cellular acoustical deck is also available in the same profiles. Acoustical metal deck is NOT in stock. Custom ordered jobs only. Minimum quantities apply.

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Acoustic Deck 34 | Acoustic Overlay Board | Acoustic Supplies

Acoustic Deck 34 A 12mm resilient acoustic layer laminated to a 22mm t&g cement particle, Seven Trust quality overlay board. The slim profile and high acoustic performance of Acoustic Deck 34 Seven Trust overlay board makes it ideal for timber floor refurbishment projects.

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Cassette Decks: A Buying Guide

The Nakamichi pro decks are worth a look. The MR-1 is a 3-head deck with XLR in/out and 1/4" in and costs $995. The MR-2 is a 2-head deck, has 1/4" and RCA in/out and runs $695. They do feature pitch control which is difficult to find on quality decks these days.

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How do I know if my deck is Acoustical, Cellular, or Cellular .

cellular & acoustical deck Identical to cellular steel deck, except that the bottom flat plate is perforated with staggered holes below the open cells and solid at the bottom flanges. From underneath, the bottom flat plate will give the deck a flat, aesthetically pleasing appearance, but this time with holes.

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